Running Docker under Linux Mint 16

It took a few months, but I finally received the Dell Precision M3800 that I ordered as a work laptop. It was certainly worth the wait though. It is fast and sleek and is turning out to be a great alternative to the current batch of Macbook Pros.

My first action after receiving it was to replace Windows with Linux Mint. I picked Linux Mint due to it’s Cinnamon desktop, which I do prefer over Ubuntu’s Unity, and it’s compatibility with Ubuntu. The installation was straightforward and I was able to use the computer right away with none of the difficulties that I experienced installing Ubuntu on my Macbook Pro.

I did have a couple challenges getting Docker to work on the new installation. I first tried to follow the Ubuntu installation instructions to get it to work. It looked good, so I tried to build an image. It kept failing with a “no such file or directory” error message. I then tried to run the base image with no success.

It turns out that the cgroup-lite and the lxc packages are not installed by default on Linux Mint. Installing both then allowed me to run bash in the base image and then build and run my image.