Cups of Coffee

coffee Image by Toshiyuki IMAI

I measure my mornings in cups of coffee.

The first one is for me. It accompanies breakfast, is savored as I read my Twitter feed and some interesting stories and helps me ease out of sleepiness into awakeness.

The second cup of coffee is for my mind. I am performing some light tasks, often administrative as I drink it as a way to warm up my mind and get it into gear for the rigors of the day ahead. This is when I consume my RSS feed, accounts for the different adminstrivias of running my own business. I’m not quite ready to tackle programming, supporting or planning, but I’m getting there.

It is time to start working in earnest once my second cup is empty. This is when time stops being mine and becomes my client’s. It doesn’t mean that I’m done drinking coffee though… There might be some left in the pot.