Exporting Articles from Posterous to Middleman Blog

Posterous is about to shut down access to the web site. They do provide a facility to backup your space’s content. It works. You end up with a zip file with your whole content and what appears to be a Wordpress export file. It wasn’t quite ready to import into my new Middleman based blog though.

It turns out that Jekyll has a few exporters, including one for Posterous!

The first step was to install Jekyll:

gem install jekyll

And then export my content:

ruby -rubygems -e 'require "jekyll/migrators/posterous"; Jekyll::Posterous.process("fred@fredjean.net", "NotMyPassword", "NotMyKey")'

It exported all of my content into a _post directory. I copied it into my newly initialized blog under the source directory and went to work styling the blog.

A nice feature of the Jekyll exporter was that the articles already had front-matter that was compatible with Middleman! It included a layout declaration. I created a layout matching the name for the article and was able to use my content with little, if any, modifications. Middleman’s wrapped layouts made this a breeze:

<% wrap_layout :layout do %>
  <h1><%= current_page.data.title %></h1>
  <%= yield %>
<% end %>